WG3/4: Tailored measurement network and data quality

Ground-based networks for profiling the Atmospheric Boundary Layer (ABL) are at the core of PROBE. Within the last decade, we have seen a rapid development of a variety of different networks, in Europe as well as worldwide. The role of PROBE is to not only to inform the public and the science community about these networks, but also to act as a mediator between the network initiatives. This mediator role should lead to a harmonized use of the same instruments in different networks, e.g. through common calibration, QA/QC, data formats and retrieval approaches but additionally to a fruitful knowledge exchange.

Thus, WG 3 "Tailored Measurement Networks" and WG4 "Operation and Data Quality" - with the active contribution of numerous PROBE members - have published the joint document "European networks observing the atmospheric boundary layer: Overview, access and impacts". It addresses network operators, users and stakeholders altogether.

The objectives of the document are to:

  • provide an overview of existing networks
  • Give information on how to access networks, data, algorithms, and the scientific communities
  • Illustrate the benefits of being part of the networks
  • Describe relevant network instruments and propose standard operation procedures for operation
  • Show the current and future impact of the developing networks for science and society

Created and developed by Claudia Acquistapace

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