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How to avoid to invent the UAS wheel again

subgroup meetings
  Wednesday, 13 July, 2022 10:00 - 12:00


This is the first meeting of the UAS taskgroup aiming to better coordinate the various activities within the PROBE community.

The meeting will touch the following topics and items:

  1. Data format: Working on a standard data format - CF compliant NetCDF file to make it easier for UAS operators and data users to share and use the data for research and forecasting
  2. UAS fact sheets: Working on a document on UAS which includes information on what types of measurements we can make, what sensors the community are using, some information on accuracy and precision etc.
  3. Guidline: definition of quality goals for atmospheric data measured by UAS (e.g. proofs that radiation mistakes were avoided as well as other systematic errors e.g. in the wind vector)
  4. Quality assurance / management: library of quality-assured / standarised routines for UAS data analysis regarding ABL and other atmospheric properties
  5. Flight demonstration: demonstrate the capability of UAS and work with industry and regulators and industry to highlight the benefits of UAS for meteorology, air quality and research purposes – ideally coordinated with WMO plans and activities.
  6. UAS intercomparison: at one of the European sites where it is relatively easy to fly UAS (WMO would be very interested in this too but doesn't have the capacity to organise this bit), e.g. The Cyprus Institute, German Met. Office observatory in Lindenberg,

In order to have an efficient meeting, please make your minds up on the following questions:

  1. What system are you using (aircraft, flight control)?
  2. What measurement systems are you carrying?
  3. What research are you doing with your systems?
  4. What are you missing in order to achieve your scientific goals?
  5. What kind of co-operation would be advantageous for you?


Meeting details:

13th July 2022, 10-12 CEST (8-10 UTC)

No registration is required.

Details to access the online meeting will be distributed via email to the PROBE users and members.

If you are not yet registered as a PROBE user, please do so at this link.