Newborn subgroup in probe! urban environments

Have you ever looked at a city from a drone? or from satellite? it is made of areas very different in terms of roughness, heat and moisture. Think for example, of a green park and a highway during a summer day!

The urban boundary layer (UBL) is strongly affected by the characteristics of these areas and this fact has consequences on all the application that deal with your normal life, such as air quality, human thermal comfort, weather, greenhouse gas assessment, and urban air mobility.

The climate is changing and we have to think of how to adapt to the new climate of the future, and possibly how to mitigate its devastating impact on many cities in the world. For this reason, advanced observations of the urban atmosphere are urgent to support informed decision making.

The WG1 subgroup on urban environments intends to enhance knowledge exchange between various PROBE users to foster the efficient exploitation of advanced UBL profile observations.
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