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Call for Virtual Networking Support (VNS) Manager

There's a new role designed within the PROBE network! check it out below more information and work with us! If you are interested, remember the deadline for applying is the 15th june 2021.


PROBE is going to designate a Virtual Networking Support (VNS) Manager to promote virtual collaboration, taking responsibility for Virtual Mobility Grants and supporting the MC in the discussions and planning of virtual events and collaboration activities. The activities of VNS Manager are supported with up to EUR 4,000 per Grant Period.


Who can apply? All Action participants with a primary affiliation to an institution located in a COST Full Member country or Cooperating Member, or MC Observers from a COST Near Neighbour Country are eligible to apply.


Applicants have to encode a VNS application by logging into e-COST with their credentials and clicking on the VNT Application tab.


The deadline for application is June 15th, 2021.



The application shall be submitted in e-COST[1] and the following information emailed in a single PDF document to the Action Chair:

  1. A description of how the COST Action can benefit from developing virtual networking activities, with a focus on:
    1. Progress towards the MoU objectives and deliverables.
    2. COST Excellence and inclusiveness Policy, specially towards the support of researchers in COST Inclusiveness Target Countries.
    3. Stakeholder engagement and promoting the participation of researchers from NNC and IPC (COST Global Networking).
  2. A proposal for the strategy outline on virtual networking, including an approach for coordinating Virtual Mobility Grants (where relevant) by:
    1. Opening calls and managing the evaluation process for awarding the Virtual Mobility Grants.
    2. Supporting and advising beneficiaries of the Virtual Mobility Grant
    3. Plan on coordinating and reporting any planned COST Action events that will be held online (e.g. Annual Meeting or Conference) and how they fit the overall Action strategy

For more information refer to the COST Vademecum (version Apr 2021).



Eligible individuals must fulfil the requirements stated in the Vademecum subject to the approval of the core group and availability of funds. The evaluation of submitted VNS applications is performed by the Action’s Chair and vice-chair (as per MC vote). The selection of successful application will be based on contributions to the overall objectives of the Action and the implementation of the COST Excellence and Inclusiveness Policy.

Criteria of selection:

  • Early Carrier Investigator (20%)
  • Gender Balance (20%)
  • VNT plan (60%).



The successful applicant shall take the Virtual Networking Support (VNS) Manager role in the COST Action. The activities expected to be performed by the successful applicant, but not limited to, are:

  • Prepare and distribute among the MC members of the Action and the COST Science Officer a detailed strategy on virtual networking for the entire Action (following consultation with Action participants, subject to MC approval).
  • Support the MC in the discussions and planning of virtual events and collaboration activities.
  • Assist in the selection of hosts for the virtual networking events and collaboration activities.
  • Assist the selected hosts in preparation and coordination of online events and collaboration activities (including the analysis of technical needs).

• Oversee the selection of the most appropriate virtual tools for each specific virtual activity (webinar, virtual conference, online library containing learning material for use by the Action members) considering

the needs of the Action and the activities (need for sub-groups, forums, etc.), demonstrate the principle of best value for money, adhere to GDPR requirements.

  • Support the call, evaluation process, and coordination of the Virtual Mobility Grants (upon decision of the MC).

The grantee has 15 calendar days from the end of the Grant Period to submit a report to the Action Chair / core-group and to the Science Officer of the Action including:

  • The Action’s strategy on virtual networking approved by the core-group (as voted by the )MC.
  • The list and brief description of virtual events and collaboration activities organised during the Grant Period.
  • The contribution to the COST Action MoU objectives for each of the virtual events and collaboration activities
  • The contribution to the COST Excellence and inclusiveness Policy, specially towards the support of researchers in COST Inclusiveness Target Countries.
  • Stakeholder engagement and promoting participation of researchers from Near Neighbour Countries and International Partner Countries.
  • Description of identified successful practices and lessons learned. The report shall consider only virtual activities carried out in their entirety within a single Grant Period.



A financial contribution of up to EUR 4,000 can be awarded to VNS Manager per Grant Period. The grant does not necessarily cover all expenses related to undertaking the virtual networking coordination role. The Grant Holder shall pay the approved grant to the grantee after the core-group has approved the grantee’s report and no later than 15 days after the end of Grant Period. The COST Association and the Grant Holder of the Action cannot be considered as being the grantee’s employer who shall make their own arrangements for all provisions related to personal security, health, taxation, social security, and pension matters. The grantee must also ensure they have the required technical material/equipment and infrastructure to carry out the activities proposed in their application to the grant.