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A new PROBE introductory lecture on high quality ABL observations! (PART 1)


In this first (of two) introductory lectures, our experts show some recent examples that highlight how ABL profile observations are used effectively in process studies and the detection of severe weather or pollution conditions. Are you curious? do you want to know more?

you can find the entire lecture online and in the user area of our website, you can access the presentation and the pad with comments, questions and asnwers.

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More info on the lecture: find below the list of topics and speakers.

Introduction:                                 Pauline Martinet

Discrimination of aerosol, cloud, precipitation:             Iwona Stachlewska

Wind, Turbulence, Gusts:                         Markus Kayser

Temperature and Humidity profiling:                 Pauline Martinet

Aerosols (including volcanic ash, pollen, forest fires and air quality): Hugo Ricketts