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New job offers from the PROBE network: April 2023

PostDoc/Senior Scientist in Aerosol Remote Sensing

Are you interested in working within pan-European ACTRIS research infrastructure? Are you remote sensing expert? Then maybe a cientist position at KIT is a great opportunity for you!

Check out the call below, the application deadline is 15 April 2023!

main topics:

Taking part in the installation and implemantation of two lidar systems and two sun photometers.

Implementing data processing from raw-data to ready-to-archive data products.

Scientific analysis of diurnal variability of the vertical distribution of aerosols and water vapor in the planetary boundary layer and their passage to the free troposphere and their influence on the aerosol optical properties of the atmospher.

place: National Facility for Aerosol Remote Sensing at KIT Campus Alpin, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

qualification required: a PhD in Physics, Physical Engineering, Photonics, or related fields with a superior university degree, practical experience in the field of optics / laser / remote sensing, advanced skills in programming Python or an equivalent programming language.

application deadline: 15 April 2023

contact person: Dr. Vogelmann (mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


Three research assistant positions in remote sensing

Are you interested in remote sensing of the atmosphere? Are you interested in beeing a part of the ACTRIS network? Then maybe a research assistant position at the Meteorological Institute of the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich is a great opportunity for you!

Check out the call below, the call opens in March 2023!

main topics:

Ground-based cloud  remote sensing: Participating in the installation, calibration, and testing of a state-of-the-art polarimetric W-band cloud radar and a new MWR. Combining the new radar data with existing Ka- and X-band radar observations for exploration of multi-frequency radar applications. Exploring synergetic retrievals among cloud radar, lidar, and MWR for optimal characterisation of clouds and aerosol.

Ground-based aerosol remote sensing: Participating in the installation, calibration, and testing of a state-of-the-art high power lidar. Retrieving aerosol and cloud properties using established lidar techniques. Exploring synergetic retrievals among lidar and sun photometer, for a better characterization of the aerosol optical and microphysical properties.

Quality assurance of lidar systems: Lidar intercomparison campaigns with our mobile LMU reference lidar (POLIS) at the various ACTRIS National Facilities. Improvement of existing methods and development of state-of-the-art techniques to verify the quality of lidar data. Analyzing the quality assurance tests the National Facilities submit to CARS for the acceptance as ACTRIS station.

place: The Meteorological Institute of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, Germany

qualification required: A completed scientific degree (diploma, master's degree or comparable) in meteorology, physics, or related field. Good programming skills (ideally Python).

Application opens in March 2023

contact person: Dr Stefan Kneifel (stefan.kneifel[at]