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New paper on MWR profiling!

Hey ho! wink

have you heard? There's a new paper out. We interviewed Nico Cimini, one of the co-authors, here's what he answered. (PS: is there anything you'd like to ask the authors we did not ask?This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. :)

1) What was the problem you tackled?
You know the atmosphere attenuates radiowaves used in telecommunication. By how much? It depends on atmospheric conditions, such as temperature, humidity, clouds, and precipitation. Atmospheric attenuation can be estimated remotely from the ground by passive radiometric observations.
2) What did you do better than what was done before?
Attenuation is estimated from radiometric observations and some "a priori" knownledge of the atmospheric mean radiative temperature (Tmr). Usually Tmr is inferred from surface temperature, humidity, and pressure. We demonstrated that Tmr can be inferred with far better accuracy using independent radiometric observations at other channels sensititve to atmospheric temperature. That was suggested years ago, but never demonstrated.
3) What will come next?
So far we only focused on clear and cloudy sky. But the need for accurate Tmr magnifies with increasing attenuation, for example during precipitation. That's something we will look into as we proceed further with the ESA-funded project WRad. Stay tuned!

Check the paper out!

Alyosef A., Cimini D., Luini L., Riva C., Marzano F.S., Biscarini M., Milani L., Martellucci A., Gentile S., Nilo S. T., Di Paola F., and Romano F.: Improving Atmospheric Path-attenuation estimates of radio propagation applications by microwave radiometric profiling, Atmos. Meas. Tech (Preprint),, 2021