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Newborn subgroup in probe! on complex terrains

The atmospheric boundary layer over mountainous regions is much more complex and inhomogeneous than over flat terrain! did you know? Imagine, people dedicated a specific name to it, that is Mountain boundary layer (acronym MoBL).

Why, you may wonder...

well, let's put it like this. Aerosols, trace gases, pollutants that we produce at the surface in flat regions are pushed upwards by convection developing with the day, bu also by meso-scale processes. In the mountains, there's an additional factor that has to be taken into account: in fact, thermal circulations mountain-induced and venting do play a role.


Measuring MoBL characteristics by remote sensing instruments leads then to specific issues and larger problems in interpreting what we measure in terms of conceptual sublayers of the boundary layer. 

The WG1 subgroup on complex terrain wants to increase the collaboration and the information exchange in this particular area of ABL profiling. If all this sounds interesting to you, go here to contact the people leading this effort.

Stay tuned with all probe activities!!!!