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The first Introductory lecture is online!

Finally Online, available to all of you!

If you were interested in the basics of ground-based remote sensing instrumentation, eager to listen to the PROBE introductory lecture on that, and for some reason you missed it, or maybe you were simply busy, or you just heard about it and would like to learn more....


The full lecture is now available online on the PROBE youtube Channel. If you are interested in receiving the slides, please register as a user and you will have access to all the material displayed during the talk :)

What is the lecture about: Why do we need vertical profiles of the atmospheric boundary layer? Measuring atmospheric conditions at different heights is crucial for improving the forecast of weather, air quality, and future climate predictions. The observations help improve our understanding of key atmospheric processes. So what are the variables of interest? We measure vertical profiles of aerosol and cloud characteristics, wind, turbulence, air temperature, and humidity. In the ABL these variables can be obtained from profiling instruments such as Automatic Lidar Ceilometer (ALC), Doppler Wind Lidar (DWL), and other research lidars, Doppler Cloud Radar (DCR), Microwave Radiometer (MWR), Radar Wind Profiler (RWP), and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). In this introductory lecture, the PROBE experts will describe how these instruments work, what they observe, and what advanced products can be obtained. A few example applications of the ABL profiling techniques will be highlighted.


(clicking on the minutes brings you directly to the section)

00:00-08:55 - Introduction from Nico Cimini CNR Italy

08:56​ - 19:09​ - Microwave radiometers (MWR), Nico Cimini CNR Italy

19:28​ - 33:01​ - Doppler wind profilers (DWL & RWP), Ewan O'Connor, FMI Finland 

33:08​ - 41:36​ - Doppler cloud radar (DCR), Martial Haeffelin, IPSL France

41:58​ - 51:20​ - Automatic lidars and ceilometers (ALC), Simone Kotthaus, (IPSL, France)

51:56​ - 1:02:50​ - Raman and differential absorption lidars (DIAL), Christine Knist (DWD, Germany) 

1:03:20​ - 1:11:05​ - Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), Anne Hirsikko (FMI, Finland) 

1:12:00​ - 1:24:45​ - Questions

1:24:46​ - 1:26:50​ - final remarks

Full video: