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Ready for the 2nd PROBE intro-lecture?

After the great success of the first PROBE intro lecture, in a few days the second lecture will be on air.

As always, for free, open-access, for everyone who is curious!
This time, we will focus on the networks of atmospheric ground-based remote sensing instruments!

Lecture content:

What are the most popular and widespread remote sensing instruments used to observe the atmospheric boundary layer (ABL)? In Europe, these include: wind profilers (> 20 Doppler wind lidars; >30 radar wind profilers), temperature and humidity profilers (> 30 microwave radiometers), aerosol profilers (> 700 automatic lidars and ceilometers), and cloud profilers (> 15 doppler cloud radar). Profiling systems are deployed and operated in response to a variety of interests by governments, research institutions, universities, and the private sector. To exploit data coming from these networks efficiently, operating procedures and data processing have to be harmonised. 

In this introductory lecture, our experts will describe some of the instrument networks in which PROBE is involved. We will provide insights into data coverage and advanced products. We will also show how you can benefit from joining these networks and how you can contribute to harmonised European measurements.

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Pad for questions:

Meeting speakers:

Introduction - Anca Nemuc

E-profile: Rolf Ruefenacht

ACTRIS: Chris Walden

- FRM4RADAR: Lukad Pfitzenmaier

- POLLYNET: Ronny Engelmann

ICOS : Jerome Tarniewicz

Emerging Networks:

- MetOffice Raman Lidar Network : Joelle Bauxmann

- Urban Networks: Fred Meier

"success story": Anca Nemuc: new INOE observatory

Q&A moderated by Anca Nemuc

The lecture will be recorded.

Don't miss the chance to learn with us!

WHEN? 25.05.2021 from 15:00 to 16:30

WHERE? Zoom!